pH Capsule Monitoring System

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Establish a clear path in GERD diagnosis


As the choices for diagnosing GERD proliferates, it can be really challenging to choose the right steps for clear diagnosis.


For extend, up to 96 hours of monitoring and patient comfort, choose Wireless pH Capsule to give your patient best experience.



• Ergonomic and compact design.



• Enlarged and easy-to-press buttons.



• Faster transmission speed and improved user experience.

Secured data

Every data package is sent to the recorder multiple times to minimize gaps and artifacts.

Auto pairing

Recorder can recognize capsule serial and complete pairing without the need of computer.

Capsule battery self-checking

Recorder can detect the capsule battery automatically before starting the procedure.


• 4 days / 96 hours comprehensive recording.



• Easy handling and fail-safe mechanism.



• Smooth conveyer tip to avoid damage.

Emergency release

Physician can easily unscrew and dismantle the conveyer handle in case of emergency.

Long shelf-life

Dried electrode design ensures longer storage time and better calibration rate.

Data protection

Short Capsule Sampling Interval & multiple transmitting to maximally protect the data completeness.

All-in-one software platform


The new software platform is your one-stop destination for reflux studies. You can prepare, download and review cases from pH-Capsule as well as cases from pH and pH-impedance catheters.


• Compatible with reflux monitoring catheter and wireless capsule products.


• Improved centralized patient management.


• Support multiple cases under one name.


• Faster and streamlined calibration process.


• Auto-paring and one-click to downloaded.


• One-click to conduct auto-analysis and generate report.

• Improved data handling and clinical precision.

• Detailed editing choice control over data, event and log.


• Customize and export reports.

• Perform various calculations including SI, SSI and SAP.

• Generates pH data analysis table, process Demeester rating automatically.

Technical Specifications


Dimension (L× W×H)
125mm x 78.6mm x 26mm

Working voltage:
4.1V ± 0.5V DC
Working current:

Working duration ≥96h
Working temperature & humidity
5℃ ~40℃ , <85% RH


Dimension (L× W×H)

Working voltage:
2.9V ± 0.2V DC
Release Device Weight
≤100 g

Working duration ≥96h
Sampling Frequency: 0.33 Hz


Suitcase, Calibration Console, Calibration Tube, User's Manual

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