GynoVision Hysteroscopy Platform

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a Breakthrough Hysteroscopy Platform for Clinical Inspection and Vacuum Aspiration.

Clinical Inspection

No distention required
Easily performable in daily clinic
Minimized risk of fluid overload or contamination

Vacuum Aspiration

Direct visible performance
Pin-point action avoiding excessive tissue damage
Improved patient comfort, better outcome

Safer Vacuum Aspiration

Each year, more than 44 million women experience abortion. Among many viable approaches, Vacuum Aspiration (VA) had been recommended by the WHO as the best approach to surgical abortion for pregnancies of up to 12-14 weeks of gestation.


Vacuum Aspiration, a common medical procedure with many advantages and the highest safety, still has its limitations in observation prior to the procedure and confirmation post-op. Many leads to incomplete abortion, excessive bleeding or even perforation. Lives can be saved and quality improved, if only physicians could have visual access during the procedure.



Time to revolutionize all of that with direct visualization.


See the uterus, discover the
structures and possible lesions.


Pinpoint the position of the gestation,
identify its form and classification.


Make sure you have completed the
pro-cedure with no residue.

GynoVision Compared with Other Solutions

Real-time Visualization

With state-of-the-art wide-angle lenses and advanced processing technologies,GynoVision provides superb, VGA(480*480) quality real-time image flow that guides you through the whole process.With the ability to observe before andconfirm after procedure, you can perform with utmost confidence and safety.

Compact Design

Even with such complex image module integration, we still managed to keep the metal cannula both thin and light,maximizing the flow while maintaining minimum damage to the tissue.

Clinical Images

After Procedure

Decidua parietalis appears in pinkish white, smooth and even tone.

Embryo Tissue

Brain fold or granule shapedHuman shapedWhite, purple or brown cotton shaped

After Procedure

A clean sometimes trip-shaped endometrium with minor bleeding.