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JINSHAN at the Malaysia Endoscopy Symposium

23 May 2023

From 19-20 May, JINSHAN, in collaboration with our esteemed local distributor, presented our comprehensive range of cutting-edge capsule endoscopy products at the Malaysia Endoscopy Symposium.

During this significant event, we were honored to have prominent local medical professionals share invaluable insights into our innovative OMOM Robotic Capsule Endoscopy System(OMOM RC), drawing from their first-hand experience with the technology.


A standout feature that captured the audience’s attention was the system's full automation. By utilizing cutting-edge robotic technology and proprietary algorithms, the system’s movement unit autonomously navigates the capsule, all six gastric anatomical landmarks cardia, fundus, Body, angulus, antrum, and pelorus are covered, enabling a complete stomach examination with the simple activation of AUTO mode. It takes about 12 minutes to complete the gastric examination. This remarkable hands-free operation streamlines the entire examination process, enhancing efficiency and ease for medical professionals.

Furthermore, its exclusive VueSmart software, driven by advanced AI algorithms, enhances the diagnostic process by automatically detecting and tagging eight types of focal lesions (gastritis, polyps, tumors, ulcers, erosions, xanthomas, telangiectasia, and diverticulum) in real-time. This remarkable feature significantly reduces the burden of image interpretation, ultimately contributing to a quick and accurate diagnosis.


We are thrilled to continue this journey, leveraging innovation and expertise to shape the future of diagnostic gastroscopy and make a positive impact on healthcare worldwide.