Diagnostic Gastroscopy,
Reimagined with Robotic Capsule

The ChallengeThe AlternativeThe Solution

Conventional gastroscopy remains the widely accepted “gold standard” method for detecting and treating gastric pathology. However, patients with relative contraindications, such as severe cardiac or respiratory dysfunction, may not tolerate the stress of conventional examination. Patient’s discomfort and the need for sedation also limit its use for screening purposes. In addition, most gastroscopy procedures do not need a biopsy or further intervention. The COVID pandemic has placed an unprecedented challenge on endoscopy units worldwide.

Is there an alternative to diagnostic gastroscopy? Magnetic-controlled Capsule Endoscopy (MCE) seems a good option. There is growing clinical evidence that capsule endoscopy, controlled by an external magnetic field, can be successfully utilized in diagnostic gastroscopy. MCE has similar pathology detection accuracy with conventional gastroscopy but is preferred by most patients. However, existing MCE technologies rely on a human operator to control capsule movement. Therefore, there is a learning curve, and it would take an operator about 20 minutes to manually navigate the capsule in an MCE proce-dure.

The new generation of OMOM RC, the fully automated MCE, does not require a human operator to control the capsule movement. Innovative JINSHAN robotic technology and proprietary controlling algorithms allow the OMOM RC movement unit to automatically navigate the capsule and provide a complete stomach examination when the AUTO mode is enabled. A prospective study by two tertiary centres shows that OMOM RC has a similar diagnostic performance with conventional gastroscopy in 114 patients.

OMOM RC, the real robot that frees your hands.
The next chapter of Capsule Endoscopy

The Components

OMOM RC offers a safe, noninvasive, and fully automated diagnostic gastroscopy, allowing not only gastroscopy but a thorough check of the small bowel, in just one sitting, due to its extended capsule battery life. The system consists of a Robotic Movement Unit, a Control Console (with reporting software), a Recording Unit and the disposable Robotic Capsule.

Robotic Movement Unit

Control Console

Recording Unit

Robotic Capsule

Robotic Movement Unit

Automatic Robot-arm

Innovative Two Magnets Design

No Patient's Position Changes Needed

Control Console

Control Center

One Press for Full-automatic Examination

VUE Smart Software

Real-time Monitoring


Recording Unit

Portable Recorder

Comfortable Antenna Belt

Robotic Capsule

Industrial Leading Features

Ingenious Magnetic Module

High Definition: 512*512 pix

Extra-wide View Angle: 172°

View Field: 0-50 mm


0-30 min: 10 fps

after 30min: 2-10 fps

Two Capsules Option

RC12 _for gastric only

3 working hours

RC22_for gastric + small bowel

12 working hours

Robotic Capsule Video

Procedure Steps

Step 1 : Preparation

Patient drinks 1 liter of water.

Wear antenna belt with recorder.

Ingest the capsule and lay flat on the examination bed.

Step 2 : Inspection

Doctor presses the ‘AUTO’ button on the console for automatic gastric examination.

Real-time monitoring with pathological descriptions.

The robotic Movement Unit stops automatically when completing visualization of the stomach.

Step 3 : Report

Data download.

VUE Smart assisted reading.

Generate the report.