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OMOM capsule endoscopy was successfully conducted in children at NSCCH Okhmatdyt Hospital for the first time

17 April 2023

A medical milestone was achieved on April 13, 2023, at Ukraine's NSCCH Okhmatdyt Hospital when a 12-year-old boy was admitted with symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. 


After conducting gastric and colon endoscopy, the doctors observed changes in the intestinal mucosa, yet the specific cause remained uncertain. To gain deeper insights, they turned to the capsule endoscopy manufactured by JINSHAN to inspect the small intestine, which is the first-time application in children. The examination revealed typical lesions, leading to the diagnosis of Crohn's disease.


Recognizing the potential of this innovative technology, Ukraine's Ministry of Health subsequently shared the news on its official social media channels, which received over 1,600 likes and 256 shares within a single day, expressing admiration for the advantages it brings and anticipations for its future applications. 


In recent years, Capsule Endoscopy has made significant strides in pediatric gastroenterology, particularly in diagnosing inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and Crohn's disease. The small intestine, often inaccessible through traditional methods, has presented challenges in diagnosing gastrointestinal conditions in children. Capsule Endoscopy, with its non-invasive and user-friendly features, has proven to be highly effective, even in children as young as two years old. Hospitals around the world, including prominent institutions in France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil, have already embraced this technology for diagnosing gastrointestinal diseases in children.

For over a decade, JINSHAN has been the exclusive provider of this technology in the Ukrainian market. With its industry-leading features, including a 512*512 pixels improved resolution, 2-10 fps enhanced sampling frequency, an ultra-wide 120-degree viewing angle, and an extended 12-hour working hour, OMOM Capsule Endoscopy systems pushed the boundary of capsule hardware. Moreover its revolutionary VueSmart software, which utilizes advanced AI algorithms, significantly enhances overall detection sensitivity by 10.7% while reducing the reading time by an impressive 89.3% to just 5.4 minutes. With such advanced capabilities, OMOM holds great promise for enhancing pediatric healthcare in Ukraine.

Elevation in patient care with OMOM