“Future Is Now”- CEGS2020 Highlights

19 November 2020

The 3rd Capsule Endoscopy Global Summit (CEGS) was held in Chongqing, China on 15 November 2020. Around the summit theme “The Future Is Now”, the experts shared and exchanged science, technology and academics, focusing on hot topics of capsule endoscopy. This Summit attracted over 160,000 online views and got numerous praises from the audience. We cannot wait to share with you the wonderful moments and highlights.

The Summit began with inspirational speeches by Dr. Fabian EMURA and Prof. Shutian ZHANG, Presidents of CEGS2020, and Prof. Enqiang LINGHU, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Digestive Endoscopology.



17 experts from all over the world treated the Summit attendees to an academic feast of capsule endoscopy with their superbly-prepared lectures.


Jinshan WANG, the president of Jinshan Group, updated the development of capsule endoscopy technologies in 2020.


Prof. Qiu ZHAO from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University introduced “Capsule Endoscopy Application under the COVID-19 Pandemic”.


Dr. Rey shared the “Application of AI Technology in Capsule Endoscopy”.


Prof. Neumann give the lecture on “Indication of Capsule Endoscopy in Endoscopy Practice”.


Prof. Zhechuan MEI speak on “Clinical Trials of Robotic Capsule Endoscopy in COVID-19 Pandemic”.


Prof. Miguel gave the speech on “Standardization of Capsule Endoscopy Reporting”.


Prof. Ruihua SHI shared “Regional Alliance Standard and QC Construction for Capsule Endoscopy”


Prof. Xiaoyan ZHAO talked about “AI Diagnosis from Concept to Application: Validation of 1000 Clinical Cases”.



Dr. Anastasios spoke on “Colon Capsule in Clinical Practice”


Prof. Xueliang JIANG, his topic is “The Clinical Application of Capsule Endoscopy from the Quality Control Standard”.



Prof. Emad, shared “Capsule Reading Experience with A Novel Software Assisted by AI Technology”.


Prof. Yang BAI talked about “Capsule Endoscopy Application in Early Gastric Cancer Screening in China”.


Prof. Rome JUTABHA, his topic is “Capsule for Non-Hematemesis GI Bleeding”


Prof. Kai ZHANG’s topic is “Capsule Endoscopy Application in Early Gastric Cancer Screening in China”.


Prof. Ivanova, her topic is “The Prospect of Capsule Endoscopy from Clinical Point of View”.



The latest clinical research results of capsule endoscopy presented by the experts collectively identified the following development directions of the global “four-in-one” capsule endoscopy after one year under the COVID-19 pandemic: One is Integrating 5G technology to achieve remote contactless diagnosis of capsule endoscopy. The second is using AI-assisted software for auxiliary diagnosis. The third is from stomach, small intestine to colon; and from clinical diagnosis to early cancer screening, the indications of capsule endoscopy are further expanded. The fourth is the high-definition, fast frame rate, and wide-angle viewing capability of OMOM HD significantly boost the quality of observation.


Through remote video connections, domestic and foreign experts carried out the in-depth and insightful panel discussions on the hot topic: Clinical Application and Prospects of Capsule Endoscopy Under The COVID-19”. The panel of experts offered valuable guidance and instructions to navigate forward under such special time.


Academia knows no borders. There are bosom friends around the world. Science and Technology brought us together. The Future Is Now