International Impedance-pH Master Course Debuted in Chongqing

23 June 2019

We are thrilled to brief the 1st International Impedance-pH Master Course was concluded successfully 23rd 2 June 2019 in Chongqing, hosted in association with our partner The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University.

More than 50 gastroenterology doctors and specialists from over 30 Chinese hospitals have participated in this training course. Internationally renowned GERD experts such as Prof. Daniel Sifrim and Prof. Yinglian Xiao presented informative lectures and led the practical hands-on trainings.

To start with, Prof. Bingqiang Zhang, Director of Gastroenterology from The First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University extended warm welcome to all participants. Afterwards, Prof. Daniel Sifrim lectured on the latest development in GERD diagnosis, the importance of impedance monitoring and its practice.

Subsequently, lectures were delivered respectively by Prof. Bingqiang Zhang and Prof. Yinglian Xiao, representatives of Chinese gastroenterologists, elucidating the progress of endoscopic therapy in GERD diagnosis in China.

Prior to the course, alpHaFLEX Reflux Monitoring System was demonstrated and had received high attention from the doctors present. Thereafter, doctors were shown how to analyze and edit reflux tracings, generate a report as well as share typical and atypical case studies.

We were proud to introduce in the training our newly released alpHaLAB software with built-in Lyon Consensus including updated normal values of acid exposure, impedance episodes as well as MNBI and PSPW. Those quick updates are industry-leading and will help healthcare professionals further improve the clinical outcomes.

The above picture was the moment when the participants got the hands-on training from Prof. Sifirm

Through the lecture and practice, every participant has made a substantial improvement in their understanding of GERD, the application of reflux monitoring and how to make accurate reading and diagnosis.

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