JINSHAN at ESGE Days 2023

05 May 2023


Dublin, Ireland - JINSHAN, captured the spotlight at the highly anticipated ESGE Days 2023 conference held in Dublin from April 20th to 22nd. This prestigious event, drawing an international gathering of over 2,000 delegates, provided an excellent platform for JINSHAN to exhibit its innovative products. Amongst the exceptional lineup, the centerpiece of attention was the live demonstration of the OMOM RC robotic system.


This extraordinary AI-driven technology revolutionizes the realm of gastric endoscopy by introducing a fully autonomous upper digestive examination. Remarkably, it provides healthcare professionals with rapid and accurate results in less than 15 minutes, while also enabling small bowel examinations using the same capsule, further enhancing diagnostic efficiency.

Adding further excitement to the exhibition was the insightful presentation by Dr. Jean-Francois Rey, former president of the World Endoscopy Organization. His talk delved into the realm of "Magnetically guided capsules with the robot and artificial intelligence for non-hematemesis gastrointestinal bleeding," shedding light on the clinical benefits of magnetic-controlled capsules in diagnosing non-emergent gastrointestinal bleeding.


Dr. Jean-Francois Rey’s research has yielded several noteworthy conclusions. He observed that “Guided capsule as in China could be a first line examination for non-hematemesis upper Gl bleeding and Guided capsule with robot and intelligence artificial could be carried by nurse as Robot control totally gastric procedure”, envisioning a future where nurses can perform robot-controlled gastric procedures using guided capsules. JINSHAN's OMOM RC system offers fully automated examinations, minimizing the need for manual intervention and patient repositioning.

And he also emphasized that “Quality diagnosis assurance is improved by complete detection and diagnosis with Artificial intelligence” Th AI-assisted image analysis capability of the OMOM RC system optimizes the diagnostic process. It intelligently filters redundant images and selects the most relevant ones from the vast collection captured during the examination. Furthermore, the system highlights suspicious lesions and annotates key images, significantly improving efficiency and diagnostic accuracy for physicians.


JINSHAN's participation at ESGE Days 2023 showcased its dedication to revolutionizing gastrointestinal endoscopy through cutting-edge technology and automated solutions.