JINSHAN at UEGW2023: a Recap

10 November 2023

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Copenhagen, the united European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW2023) took place from October 14th to 17th. This annual event drew an impressive turnout, with over 10,900 attendees hailing from more than 120 countries. 


JINSHAN was present with great enthusiasm at this year's exhibition, where we once again brought our star products, the OMOM Capsule Platform series (OMOM HD, OMOM CC, and OMOM RC), along with our reflux monitoring platform AlpHaONE and alpHaFlex and our long-awaited new product the MANOalpHa High Resolution Manometry System (MANOalpHa).


A key attraction at our booth was the live demonstration of OMOM RC, which drew an enthusiastic audience. Medical professionals were impressed by its fully automated procedure, exceptional image quality, and the ability to conduct a comprehensive stomach examination in just 12 minutes. In a remarkable twist, one visiting physician was so inspired by the procedure that he volunteered for a live demonstration the following day.


Our highly-anticipated MANOalpHa High Resolution Mamometry System, unveiled during the exhibition, has also sparked considerable interest prior to its official release.


Notable features include an automated reprocessing feature that effectively addresses hygiene concerns and significantly reduces the potential for errors associated with manual cleaning while also greatly reducing disinfection time, a crucial benefit in fast-paced healthcare settings. The system utilizes cutting-edge solid-state sensor technology, offering immunity to temperature drift and precise data acquisition through pressure calibration. With up to 40 pressure sensors and 16 impedance sensors, MANOalpHa delivers unmatched measurement precision.

Complementing the hardware is our versatile ManoLAB software, aligned with the latest Chicago Classification 4.0 standards, ensuring healthcare professionals have dependable and comprehensive data for precise esophageal function assessment.

Join us at UEGW2024 in Vienna, where we'll unveil even more thrilling advancements.