JINSHAN International Training Seminars on alpHaONE Wireless-pH and alpHaFLEX Impedance-pH Reflux Mo

27 September 2019

The 4th Seminar: alphaONE Wireless pH Observation Session

Location: Royal London Hospital Endoscopy unit, London, UK

Date: 09:30-12:30, 19th September 2019

Faculty: Dr. Philip Woodland


The 4th Seminar: alpHaFLEX Impedance pH Observation Session

Location: Wingate Institute of Neurogastroenterology, London, UK

Date: 13:00-17:30, 19th September 2019

Faculty: Prof. Daniel Sifrim, Dr. Etsuro Yazaki, Philip Woodland, Shirley Sonmez, Mr. Anthony Blyth



It is thrilled to announce that with the assistant of our distribution partner Synmed, we have held a successful clinical training seminar in London on alpHaONE Wireless-pH and alpHaFLEX Impedance-pH Reflux, on September 19th, 2019.



More than 100 doctors and specialists from over 60 hospitals and institutions around the world participated in our training seminars in last 2 years. Renowned GERD expert Professor Daniel Sifrim, Dr. Philip Woodland, Dr. Etsuro Yazaki, Ms. Shirely Sonmez and Mr. Anthony Blyth presented the lectures and the hands-on session.


Dr. Philip Woodland hosted a half day of alpHaONE training seminar in the morning. Synmed presented theoretical background on wireless pH demonstration and showed how to set up the equipment before getting start recording. Dr. Woodland gave practical aspects of alpHaONE wireless pH capsule monitoring, used in following observation of two cases. Dr. Woodland showed attendees how to analyze and report from software and answered important clinical question from trainees.


alpHaONE Hands-on Training by Dr. Philip Woodland


Besides a half-day alpHaONE wireless-pH capsule training at Royal London Hospital, we also held a training seminar on alpHaFLEX impedance-pH catheter at Wingate Institute of Neurogastroenterology.


Professor Daniel Sifrim, Director of Gastrointestinal Physiology, Wingate Institute of Neuro-gastroenterology introduced the outline of this course, the importance of Impedance monitoring, its practice and the analysis of reports. Dr. Philip Woodland and Dr. Etsuro Yazaki shared their experience on reflux monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of GERD. The faculty showed trainees how to analyze and edit data, conducting report as well as typical and atypical case study.


alpHaFLEX Pratical Training by Prof. Daniel Sifrim


Through lecturing and practicing, participants made substantial improvement on their understanding of GERD, the application of reflux monitoring, how to make accurate reading and diagnosis.


We invite you to check more information on Reflux Monitoring solutions from JINSHAN in blow links: http://english.jinshangroup.com


We look forward to seeing you in our next clinical training seminar in spring 2020!