JINSHAN welcomed a delegation from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China.

03 April 2023

Friday, March 17th, JINSHAN welcomed a delegation from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China. The delegation included Roderick Wols, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy, Huub Buise, Consul General of the Netherlands in Chongqing, and Shirley Yan, Manager of West China at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. The purpose of the visit was to discuss and promote the development of JINSHAN Dutch subsidiary with JINSHAN Group's Chairman Wang JINSHAN, and Director of International Department, Liu Yaoxian.


Accompanied by Director of International Department, Liu Yaoxian, Mr. Roderick Wols and his delegation visited the JINSHAN International Conference Center, Product Exhibition Center, Manufacturing Center, JINSHAN Medical Technology Research Institute, and the Global 5G Smart Medical Treatment Center to gain a comprehensive understanding of the achievements that JINSHAN has made in the field of smart healthcare.



Following the tour, both parties held a discussion. Chairman Wang JINSHAN introduced the establishment and development of the group's Dutch subsidiary and stated that JINSHAN has maintained close and friendly cooperation with Dutch medical institutions, business organizations, and renowned universities for many years. The establishment of the JINSHAN Dutch subsidiary marks the beginning of deepening cooperation with the Netherlands. The group plans to carry out more business activities in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the future and consider setting up research and development centers and production bases with local universities and hospitals for industrial-academic-research and medical-engineering cooperation.


 “The Kingdom of the Netherlands attaches great importance to cooperation with JINSHAN in the field of smart healthcare” , said Mr. Roderick Wols, “due to an aging population, healthcare costs in the Netherlands have increased significantly. Jinshan's intelligent digestive diagnostic equipment is helpful in the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases as a screening tool. This not only reduces corresponding medical expenses but also alleviates the burden on society and individuals, while meeting the demands of the "dignified aging" policy, making it of high social and economic value. We hope to strengthen communication and cooperation between the two sides and work together to promote collaboration.


Mr. Huub Buise also stated that the establishment of JINSHAN Dutch subsidiary is a win-win result for both the Kingdom of the Netherlands and JINSHAN. As a gateway and distribution center for Europe, the sales network of JINSHAN can radiate to the whole of Europe, and JINSHAN can rely on the scientific research resources of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to vigorously promote technological innovation. He looks forward to further cooperation in the future.


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