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We are proud to support the top-level Capsule Endoscopy Hands-on course organized by ManopH

20 July 2023

The 25th Capsule Endoscopy Hands-on Course, held from July 13th to July 15th, 2023, at Hotel Vila Gale Porto in Porto, Portugal, proved to be an resounding success.


Capsule endoscopy has revolutionized gastroenterology in the early 21st century, offering a simple yet highly effective examination method. However, mastering this technology demands specialized training. The course's primary objective was to provide comprehensive training, ranging from the fundamental technical aspects of conducting examinations to results interpretation.


Over an engaging three-day program, ten expert instructors guided medical professionals and nurses from the region with an in-depth study of capsule endoscopy's theoretical foundations. Topics ranged from indications and contraindications to basic image interpretation, examination preparation, and the examination process itself, etc. 


Participants were given professional results interpretation training, using cutting-edge capsule endoscopy systems from industry-leading providers. Notably, cases of the OMOM systems were extensively used for interpretation teaching and hands-on training sessions.


Integrating evolving artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art optical technology, the OMOM Capsule Endoscopy System delivered unparalleled clarity and enhanced details with 512 * 512 pixels improved resolution. Its advanced AI algorithms process the raw material by deleting up to 90% of redundancy, identifying and tagging as many as 16 types of abnormalities, ensuring easier than-ever interpretation as well as improved clinical outcomes.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants, whose dedication and enthusiasm in honing their capsule endoscopy skills are truly inspiring. We also extend special thanks to all the instructors, whose expertise and passion raised the bar for the course's quality.

As we continue to promote capsule endoscopy training, we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate in advancing medical education and patient care.